M6AAA-M6ZZZ QSL Sub-Manager Information

Received from the M6 series RSGB QSL sub-manager, Roy M0RRV. All M6 callsign holders please read. You may have received cards for previous QSOs even if your M6 call is no longer in active use. Roy M0RRV has over 3,000 cards he would like to shift…

Hi. Could you please let all of your M6 Members know that I am the R.S.G.B. QSL Sub Manager for the M6 series. I may have QSL cards for them.

I have started a Yahoo forum for all M6 callsign holders where they can talk about anything, upload photos and files.


I have put files on there telling how the QSL Bureau works. In addition, updated files list who I have QSL cards for and their envelope (SASE) status.

This is my Address, phone numbers and Email :-

Roy Taylor M0RRV
2 Chadwick Road
S. Yorks

01405 812134 / H
07979 311750 / M
Email: roy024@tiscali.co.uk

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