The Way Forward?

Having now read the write up in the November Radcom at least three times and looked at the RSGB ‘NO’ Yahoo! Group ( I am still not convinced about saying NO.

The RSGB ‘NO’ group seems to have the same few callsigns talking about why it should not happen. I am not sure, BUT I note that nobody has yet come up with a different plan. We seem to have only two alternatives at the moment, the new management plan or the status quo.

The status quo has obviously not worked, so what’s left? There is no PLAN B and I understand that the RSGB will go bust in two years if nothing is done.

Regarding membership, the only real way of increasing numbers is for members and clubs to recruit aspiring amateurs and SWLs. Leaflets etc are generally regarded as just more junk mail.  Clubs should be the kingpins of the national society and be the ones to promote it. The management of the RSGB, who ever that is going to be, must involve clubs and societies more in the running of the society if it is to survive and prosper.

After all WE are the RSGB.

73 John G0VEH   (Email:

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