Cromer QRO portable by the sea

On Monday 22nd September I decided to try some QRO operating by the sea in Cromer North Norfolk. The setup included the following Icom 7100, Linear Amp Explorer 1200, Tuner MFJ 962C, 12m roach pole and doublet antenna. The location chosen was a public car park a mile or so along the coast to the East of Cromer. The location provides a nice grassy car park, around 100m from the sea, and with the closest house some 800m away. The WAB was TG24 and the locator was JO02QW.

The antenna was roach pole supported at 10m, and the doublet was 2 x 10m fed with 300 Ohm ladder line.

QRO portable by the sea.

QRO portable by the sea.

Power was provided by my Honda EU20i generator (gas converted) and I run the radio from my leisure battery (85 Ah). The generator would happily run both the radio and linear but my usual preference is to run the radio off the battery, providing good headroom for the linear amp.

The Icom 7100 was running at around 30w into the linear amp delivering 400w.

The linear amp in the boot of the car.

The linear amp in the boot of the car.

As so often happens when 40m is open inter G I soon built up a lot of stations that wanted to work me, and from the signal reports I was receiving it was evident the signal was quite large !

Working QRO has its advantages, not only are you a big signal on the band, but it keeps people away from moving too close to you (adjacent channel) and successfully kept the frequency for close on 4hrs operating.

I also managed to work 2 LEFARS club members Cliff 2E0RCW and Frank G0LWI and also John M0UKD from the Havering club.

Cliff 2E0RCW on his FT817 with 5w in the garden.

Frank G0LWI on his 1/2 size G5RV showing 59+10

John M0UKD recorded a little video from his QTH in Rainham. Its always interesting to see my signal compared to other stations, and it would seem the linear was doing the job.

In a little over 4 Hrs I worked 93 stations, mostly UK but also Spain, Germany and the Netherlands. Altogether a very successfully afternoon making some noise on 40m.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to call.

73 Dave M0TAZ

About M0TAZ

Dave enjoys all aspects of the hobby from contesting in a wet cold field (OK enjoys is a bit strong) to building beams and working big DX. Portable VHF and HF can provide lots of opportunity to try new things, test out antenna and enjoy a field day based curry.
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