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At the LEFARS field weekend I decided to work a few on 144 MHz. Using a 9 ele light weight tonna beam on my push up 12m mast. The beam was given to me close on 10 years ago now, I recall I purchased a 70cm antenna from an amateur on ebay and he said “would you like this beam as well” Its served me very well over the years, and I have used it in just about every 144 MHz contest I have entered.

Its served me very well over the years, and I have used it in just about every 144 MHz contest I have entered.

The radio was the Icom 7100. Many people have asked how I have found the radio, and for me the ergonomics take a little time to settle but it works well. I like the facility to record the audio from the contest directly on to the inbuilt SD card. This can be helpful if you need to check the log, and can also provide some interesting conversations with people if you edit and send them audio file by email with a “nice to work you comment”.

So sorry, back to the 7100, I find it runs a lot cooler than the 7000 and will deliver 100w on a battery. I think it will deliver full power down to 11v, and unlike the 7000 the audio doesn’t sound like you have your head in a tin shed. Yes you could say the 7000 has distinctive audio, and I often say to people “I hear your using a 7000”.

The auto CQ caller, and touch screen come in very handy. If you want to do data modes, you can simply connect the USB lead directly to your computer as with many modern radios.

Nice to catch up with everyone.

73 Dave M0TAZ

 Best DX was 319 Km into JN19 France

Best DX was 319 km into JN19 France

04-Aug-14 Photos added (from John G8DZH)

Operating position - including sunshade/umbrella.

Operating position – including sunshade/umbrella.

IC-7100 control head

IC-7100 control head


9 ele 2m  tonna atop the  12m  mast

9 ele 2m tonna atop the 12m mast

The long view....

The long view….

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Dave enjoys all aspects of the hobby from contesting in a wet cold field (OK enjoys is a bit strong) to building beams and working big DX. Portable VHF and HF can provide lots of opportunity to try new things, test out antenna and enjoy a field day based curry.
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  1. very good effort Dave.many thanks for setup. enjoyable weekend.

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