RoPoCo contest

John M0UKDFor some operating portable HF is the only way they can put out a good signal on something like 80m. In April John M0UKD and myself decided for the first time we would enter the SSB rolling postcode contest organised by the RSGB. The idea is a little twist on the usual contest, on the first qso you give out your own postcode in full. On the second qso you give out the first postcode you received, the pattern continues. It’s a little like Chinese whispers, as errors can get propagated around, and you sometimes find people giving you your own postcode back (hopefully correct).

The contest like many on HF is fast and furious and working a hundred stations in little more than 90 minutes is common.

The setup was simple, 100w into a doublet antenna (20m per leg) supported on a 10m roach pole.

The results have been published, and we came 4th out of 57 station. The contest committee noted the log was also error free !





About M0TAZ

Dave enjoys all aspects of the hobby from contesting in a wet cold field (OK enjoys is a bit strong) to building beams and working big DX. Portable VHF and HF can provide lots of opportunity to try new things, test out antenna and enjoy a field day based curry.
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