Contesting – A Beginner’s Guide

There were several requests for a copy of my presentation at the LEFARS meeting on 21st Feb – “Contesting – a beginners guide” .


Click here for a PDF copy  complete with links for further information.




Dave M0TAZ

Comment from Richard G4DDP  27th Feb 2014

Hi Dave.  Following your excellent talk about contesting, I decided that I would dust off my contest hat and enter the 50MHz UKAC on the 25th and at the very least give LEFARS a presence ! 14 contacts with best of Lincolnshire won’t set the contest world alight but a start !

73 Dick G8BXC/G4DDP

About M0TAZ

Dave enjoys all aspects of the hobby from contesting in a wet cold field (OK enjoys is a bit strong) to building beams and working big DX. Portable VHF and HF can provide lots of opportunity to try new things, test out antenna and enjoy a field day based curry.
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