Dispatches from the North West

Definitely north of Watford gap, accents are not as broad as other Yorkshire types. Lovely countryside and beer seems good. Looking forward to some exploring. On a limited site i.e . only 5 caravans. Two of us on site excellent, more info here. (See my view of G1JYBs aerial farm below).

Shopping in Settle to restock fridge. Spoke to Barrie G1JYB and his XYL Kathy also licensed (M3YOG). Good chat with him and talking about how 2m has been very good recently; he worked into Czech Republic on ssb 2m, lots of sporadic etc.

G0VEH/P Yorkshire Dales

G0VEH/P Yorkshire Dales

The G1JYB aerial farm

The G1JYB aerial farm


In April, whilst at the Rainbow and Dove, I was working 40m and was called by G1JYB at 5/9. He gave his QTH as nr Ingleton in the Yorkshire Dales. I mentioned to him I was thinking of visiting that area for the holidays and had been looking at the caravan club’s sites book. He told me he had a certified location (cl – 5 caravans) on his farm and gave me the name. It was the very one I was looking at before the R & D weekend. I told him I would be in touch and so here I am.

About a couple of weeks before I was due to leave for the dales my brother, a bit of a railway buff, told me he had booked a rail tour from Ipswich to Carlyle via Settle. He had arranged this for the 27th July the same time I was to be in the area. On further enquiries from him, the train will be stopping for a short time in Appleby. I therefore will arrange to be at Appleby at 1145 when the train arrives and at least say hello and goodbye. It does seem a bit odd that although we live about 68 miles apart, we have travelled hundreds of miles to say hello. In my case 320 miles, funny old world innit.

Met brother at Ahols 003ppleby  station as arranged. Pleasant journey across the moors. Train duly arrived pulled by vintage diesel and a group got off and embussed for a visit to the lakes. Train stopped for about five minutes so really was hail and farewell.

Ten minutes after train left was treated to a  steam hauled express to Carlisle. The train was hauled by one of the ‘DUCHESS’ class of locos from Crewe. Lots of photographers on the station. Must have been a nice site to see this train thundering over the Ribbleshead viaduct.hols 004

On the way back put up an aerial and tried 40m. Huge static crashes (lightning) and a high noise level. Only stations over 5/7 could be heard. Worked about six stations, them gave up as bad job. Storms imminent, warm,sticky getting cloudy.

Storms arrived at 1930 hours, torrential rain until about 0930 Sunday. No thunder just heavy rain. Not a lot of continuous sleep. Still cleaned the caravan anyway.

Warm day, sunshine,hot, and intermittent clouds. No rain but windy. Decided that it’s windy enough on the site, so can imagine what its like on the fells. So Sunday is admin day, i.e. cleaning, maintenance etc. Hope to be /p next week and will post on the portable group. Depends on the wx. Barrie G1JYB is quite active so operating from the site is a no no. 200 W at 5m distance will not do my IC706 much good.

Decided to go out /P as the club were still in the field (G100RSGB). As can be seen the take off to the south and west was good but rising ground to the north.Managed to work GB100RSGB at 5/9 although a lot of static crashes. Band not too bad worked into the Scillies at 5/9 both ways. Spent about 3 hours and 12 qsos there but clouding over from the south, with rain threatening.

the portable site 001

the portable site 002


Spent the rest of the time exploring the dales and of course local hostelries. Nice beer here. WX variable, with showers and sunshine. Sun hot when out. Gets quite windy in these parts. Back to Dorset on the 7th then home on the 11th. Hate to think of how the garden is! Saw the local London / Essex flooding on the news, expect it was ok in our area.

Done something to my left upper arm muscle on Wednesday, very painful, cannot raise it above waist height. Can’t think how I have done this.

Got some pills and rub from the chemist. Difficult to sleep or drive with this problem, especially as being a lefty I have to do things with the other hand,try shaving with your other hand instead of your master, gives a whole new perspective on life.


Rain over night and blowing a gale. Not cold though, very windy this morning did contemplate going /P but very windy on the site here so can imagine what it would be like on the fells. Arm is getting better, paracetamol and heat rubs seem to have alleviated it somewhat.

Might be able to get out /P on sunday if wx is ok.


Day started well sunny and quite warm but deteriorated during the morning. Windy, cloudy threatening rain and a bit chilly.

No portable today. Caught up with some cleaning and general work around the caravan. Shoulder/arm improving with paracetamol and cream, bit smelly but does the job.



John G0VEH
nr Ingleton, Yorkshire Dales
Email: g0veh@lefars.org.uk

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