FT-817 AFSK data interface using SMD components

I decided to build one of the K6XX data leads using SMT. First, the circuit.

Next, A nice copper clad board, begging for the hacksaw.

Like a knife through butter.

The Circuit design is now cut into the board using a Stanley knife.




A 10k ohm 0805 resistor and MMTB3904, waiting to be mounted onto their new home.

Home sweet home.



The board is now soldered to pins 4 and 5 of the DB9 (PTT control).

Fits very nicely into the DB9 Hood.







A 40dB pad added into the mic plug for the pc sound card; a 100 ohm resistor to ground and 10k ohm to tip (both resistors joined at top).





Further reading:

Other technical articles by Bob K6XX here
FT-817 page from the K6XX website here



Derek M0XDC  (email: m0xdc@lefars.org.uk)


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