LEFARS holds its first Syllabus 2019 Foundation licence course and exam

Congratulations to (L to R) Simon Donnellan M7OOL, Charles Chowdhury-Hanscombe M7CCH, Luce Newman-Williams M7CXC and Chris Loizou M7CHL for passing their Foundation Licence exam after completing the first 2019 Syllabus weekend Foundation course (no. 41) held by LEFARS at All Saints House, Chigwell, Essex on 5th/6th October 2019.

This was one of the first weekend courses to run under the new Syllabus 2019 Foundation licence syllabus, introduced on September 1st.

The course was led by John Mulye G0VEH with instructors John Ray G8DZH, John Short G1DJI, Ron White G6LTT and Marc Litchman G0TOC plus assistance from Derek Copsey M0XDC and Dave de la Haye M0MBD. Lead invigilator and tea maker was Dave Corner G3ZXF.

Below are some photos from the weekend.

The 42nd  weekend Foundation licence course and exam will be held on 25th/26th January 2020. The course is limited to eight students. If you are interested in attending  please contact David Priest M0VID, email training@lefars.org.uk. Further details are also on the LEFARS training page on the main LEFARS website.


John Ray G8DZH
LEFARS Newsletter Editor

Ron G6LTT demonstrates SDR radio with his Flex 1500 transceiver.

(L to R) Dave de la Haye M0MBD with Simon Donnellan during the HF QSO assignment.

The other end of the HF QSO!!

John Mulye G0VEH [far right] discusses Velocity Factor.

[Photo credit: John Ray G8DZH]


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