DMR radio – TYT MD-380 documentation for LEFARS members

Over the last few weeks there has been a lot of interest in DMR digital radio. The Tytera TYT MD-380 has helped with prices from £105 to £150 for a TDMA 1W/5W UHF transceiver.  a review of the MD-380 by Dave M0TAZ (here) on his blog has whetted my appetite.   Note that the same radio can be branded as Retevis RT3 and is otherwise identical.

With a DMR-MARC repeater now on the air from Barking, GB7AK,  I expect to recognise some familiar callsigns. Other LEFARS members have ordered their radios and eagerly awaiting their delivery.

There is a steep learning curve to understand how to use a DMR radio. To help my own understanding, I have compiled a list of resources into one document which can be viewed here. TYT MD-380 documentation

Also Keith G1HEQ has kindly made available a “LEFARS” code plug which contains the most useful local 70cm DMR repeaters, other DMR simplex channels and FM repeaters. Along with other resources like programming software and a firmware upgrade, this is held on one of my Dropbox folders.  further details here also.

Click here for the (UK) DMR Live Monitor. See who is on locally or roaming, monitor signal strength, Talk Groups in use, slots and other useful information.  Worldwide activity is shown here.

I look forward to working more  LEFARS members on DMR soon. As at 28th October, the list so far includes : Dave G4FKI, Richard G4DDP, Wayne G4YOH, Keith G1HEQ,  David M0VID and Ron G6LTT


John G8DZH


[Last update:  28-Oct-2015]

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