Funeral of Audrey Mattison.

The funeral took place on Wednesday 29th April of Audrey Mattison, mother of John, G0PTG and Chris, G0SLB, of Aylmer’s farm. The service was held at the Parndon Wood cemetery Harlow.

The funeral was very well attended with family and friends,and standing room only in the chapel. John senior and Audrey were good supporters of the club and allowed us to use their field for over 30 years.

The club was represented by Marc, G0TOC and Lorraine Litchman, Frank, G0LWI and Beryl Butler, John Ray G8DZH, John Short G1DJI, John Glover M0JGR, Steve Langton G6ART and myself.

John Mulye G0VEH.

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