LEFARS 27th Foundation Licence course 25-26 January

The LEFARS 27th Foundation Licence Course held over the weekend consisted of 9 candidates with one candidate for the assessments and exam only.

After a long weekend, the ten candidates who took the examination all successfully passed the course. Marks were quite high with the lowest being 21 and the highest 26 out of 26. All enjoyed the course and favourable feedback was given. Hopefully they will go on to the intermediate to be held on the 1st of March.


Rear: (L to R) Dave Abbott M6DZV, Takis Bozikis M6TNB, Lucian Edwards M6GVT, Ben Staszewski M6XSZ, Cyrus Bakes M6EBI and Matej Urban M6URX.
Front: (L to R) Sorin Banda, Annie Bishop M6NHB, Edward Zieba M6DZQ and Frank Riches M6FNR.

Thanks must go to the instructors and helpers: John Ray G8DZH, John Short G1DJI, Derek Copsey M0XDC, Ron White G6LTT and Dave Corner G3ZXF and Marc Litchman G0TOC who managed to do some admin from his sick bed.


John G0VEH
email: g0veh@lefars.org.uk

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