IARU Contest weekend-7th September 2013

On Saturday 7th of September I decided to work a bit of the 2m trophy and IARU contest for a few hours. It’s some time since I have taken part in a VHF contest and thought it might be interesting.

I arrived at our old caravan at Stapleford at about 1300 and put the station together and warmed up the generator. The equipment was an Icom 706MK2G at 50W into a 10 element rotatable 2m Tonna at about 6m above ground level.

The weather was fine and quite warm with a westerly breeze. After a brew I was ready for the start at 1400. I worked George, M1GEO running G3XBF over in Havering and was as expected 59+++.

I worked steadily from 1400 to about 1800, not too speedily but more listening than operating. However I worked 24 stations mainly to the east and south.These included; ON, PA, F, DL and GW. Nothing was heard north of a line from the wash to Bristol or West Country stations and only 1 GW was heard and worked. The furthest station was a DL in JO50.

I did not operate on Sunday as I was required elsewhere; all in all it was enjoyable even though it was just a few hours. Perhaps Club members who took part for longer can give their experiences and thoughts.


John G0VEH
Email: g0veh@lefars.org.uk

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