Icom IC-7100 preview

For those attending the recent National Hamfest held at the Newark Showground on 27/28 September (show review here), there was an opportunity to see the Icom IC-7100 HF/VHF/UHF multimode transceiver ‘in the flesh’. The pre-production model (Japanese) was on display; this didn’t include the 4m band option (50W out) to be made available for the EU market. Otherwise all bands from 160m to 70cms are covered with multimode operation and 32-bit floating point DSP for several rx filtering modes.

Whilst I am not yet ready to trade in my trusty IC-706MKIIG for a newer model, it was interesting to see the evolution to IC-7000 and now the latest version with Slant Top controller and integral D-STAR DV mode.  Max power output  SSB/FM/DV is 100W HF/6m, 50W 4m/2m and 35w 70cm. AM HF 40W.

Physically the IC-7100 base unit looks like the IC-7000  minus the front panel. However  the Touch Screen Interface used by the Slant Top Controller allows a combination of ‘real’ buttons and a tuning knob touch selection of features and modes.  The microphone plugs into the back of the controller.

There are links at the end of the blog to the info page on the Icom UK website and also the pre-release information which gives further details. The price hasn’t been announced yet, nor availability.

Derek M0XDC and I took a few photos; below an extract to show the salient features together with comments.

IC-7100 with controller.

Another view, with microphone.

Close up of controller, HF AM mode.

70cm – D-STAR DV mode

Controller unit rear. L to R. phone socket, morse key, mic connector. interface to base unit. Large speaker on the right.

Rear view of IC-7100 (right). Note the RJ45 Ethernet socket underneath the SO-239 antenna socket. (optional remote control software needed).

Further info

Icom UK product announcement

IC-7100 datasheet (PDF) here


John G8DZH  (email: g8dzh@lefars..rg.uk)


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