Raspberry Pi – the first bite

My Raspberry Pi arrived earlier in the week from Farnell. Below some photos. Debian distro has been loaded for experiments with APRS (running Xastir and using “squeeze”). The HDMI monitor on the right is a 47″ screen.


Derek M0XDC
Email: m0xdc@lefars.org.uk

The Complete system,


Installing Synaptic

Xastir ((linux APRS) working on the Raspberry PI using squeeze.

 Update 10th July 2012
A new “PI” case has been fitted. , I have now configured the PI to run a VNC server, so now only two connections are needed. One for power and the second for  the Ethernet network.

I have now compiled Xastir version 2, with OSM, (pictures below)

Just two cables, RJ45 Ethernet left and power on the right

Pretty LEDs


Xastir version 2, with OSM, A much better looking map. Using TightVNC for Windows

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