GPS for QRSS WSPR Transmitters

I have assembled a GPS module to a breakout board for use with the WSPR transmitters that I have brought from  Hans Summers G0UPL ( – more info here). Delivery should be any day now :-).

The GPS module, from PV Electronics,  doesn’t have a PPS output,  but is useful for co-ordinates and keeping the real time clock accurate in the transmitter; critical for WSPR. The WSPR transmitter can derive its maidenhead locator from the GPS module.

Pictures below with notes.

The Kit as delivered, just five components

A nice compact size 🙂

Solder paste has been put on, and GPS module seated, ready for soldering.

Close up of back two joints.

And a close up of the front 10 joints

Added the four other components, 2 capacitors, 1 resistor, and a diode. I will add some header pins later for easy removal and reconnecting between the transmitters.


Derek M0XDC

Further info
Hans Summers Ultimate QRSS/WSPR Tx kit (30m/40m/80m versions available). Ordering details + more info here
Micro GPS module + Breakout Board (PV Electronics)  datasheet and ordering details here
(advanced users – control the GPS module yourself and use in your own projects . info here)

Update 12th July 2012
I have just been informed that my orders for the Ultimate QRSS transmitters have been shipped. In the meantime I have decided to check to see if the GPS module, now with the header pins added, works.
Pictures below.

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