Update on W4RT OBP

I was having a lot of RFI problems with the W4RT OBP board, so I have now created a Faraday cage around it.  More testing soon and an update with the results…

 First insulate the board (photo above)

Then wrap copper foil around board, the type they use behind guitar pickups.

 The blue wire you see here, is soldered to the copper foil and then to the microphone earth.


Derek M0XDC (Email: m0xdc@lefars.org.uk)

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Update 31-Dec-2011
I tried the microphone on the club net on Thursday, the RFI problem has been sorted. And was told by John 2E0RMM and Wayne G4YOH, that there is added punch to the audio, will try it on SSB soon. Hopefully with a more in-depth report, instead of my one line reports. 73 Derek.

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