Yaesu 897 / 857 / 817 Bluetooth CAT Dongle

This project provides a wireless CAT control to my Yaesu 897 and uses a serial Bluetooth module from eBay.  I got the design and schematics from  http://www.lynovation.com/CTR-Remote.htm.  The software is for the PC and pocket PC and donation ware.  The Bluetooth module also worked with MixW and CTR remote, appearing as COM3 and COM8 respectively.  But, for some reason, will not function with HRD.

The components came from eBay, Maplin and my junk box (parts list below).

Parts needed:
Schematic here (PDF)
Bluetooth Module from eBay here
Two 0.1uF capacitors, 10k resistor, veroboard offcut from junk box
78L05 regulator from eBay here
Pico fuse from eBay here
Maplin –  four core cable (XR91Y) and 8 pin mini-DIN plug (JX06G)

Also, to program Bluetooth module with callsign, baud rate (leave it at 9600bps and PIN code, the use of a USB to serial TTL adapter is required.  Obtained from eBay here if not in the handy USB accessories kit we all have 🙂
More information on programming  here

Howto with photos…

First to program module with name (callsign) and baudrate (best to leave at 9600bps) and PIN using USB to serial TTL adapter (on the right).

Bluetooth module working (It’s the one in green with the question mark).

Cut, or break in my case, a piece of Vero board to size.

Components are added, you need to make sure VCC is on the correct side of the board, was going to connect the two boards with a 8 pin DIL, but found it not strong enough. Went for direct soldering instead, which you will see later, also remember to cut the tracks between the 250mA pico fuse and 5v regulator.

Wires attached.

On the 8 pin mini din, solder a wire and insulate the 12v pin, we don’t want any shorts there.

On the Bluetooth module, solder a link (the blue wire) between state and key, the two outer holes.

The completed unit, just needs a little box to mount in.

Showing the Bluetooth CAT working on a PocketPC using CTR remote available from the link at the top.

The bottom right, red LED is the dongle, Sorry the picture is very dark!

73, Derek M0XDC
(E-mail: m0xdc@lefars.org.uk)

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