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Coming back to radio after a long time away, I was finally in a position to take my RAE, no wait, It is now the Foundation licence exam.. Well I did not hang about and after a period of just over 3 months, I had taken all three exams at LEFARS and become a fully fledged M0MBD! I have many interests including operating HF & VHF both at home and portable. I have my van pretty much decked out as a mobile shack & antenna farm, and can operate just about anything I can work at home, out and about portable. Parts of the hobby I enjoy are Data modes, SSB DX on both HF & VHF, also weather satellites and I would really like to do more work on the fun-cube satellites and International Space Station. I am an Executive member of LEFARS and act as the Public Relations Officer. I am still trying to manage my work/radio/homelife balance! I am now looking at ways to raise the profile of the club in the public eye, with a lean towards technical advancement and introducing new people to the hobby. We are also attempting to attract people to the club.


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This spring we decided to go on a short cruise. Because I have just taken over another company, I could not afford to be away for too long, so we booked a cruise from Southampton to Portugal. It would take … Continue reading

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RSGB Convention 2015

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I visited my first RSGB convention last year and was impressed by the quality of event and this year was even better, since I knew what to expect. Having to read the GB2RS news on a Sunday and not wanting … Continue reading

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The byword is: Preparation

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How many times have you gone to a radio rally only to find loads of bits a pieces, only to find you can’t remember what you actually need for that project you have been working on? I have done it … Continue reading

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Maritime Mobile Ops

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Maritime Mobile Ops By Dave De La Haye M0MBD Most people know of my personal preference for escaping the QRM created in built up areas and that I like to get out in the ‘battle bus’ and work mobile  when … Continue reading

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A Cobwebb homebrew build by Dave 2E0DDH/M0MBD

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Whilst on the course for my foundation exam in February, I still had the word’s of John Mulye G0VEH ringing in my ears.. “Why go out and buy a load of ready-made rubbish when you can make your own with … Continue reading

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