HamRadio 2012 – Day three

The last day, Sunday, is traditionally fairly quiet. The three day ticket essentially covers the cost of the first two days and Sunday can be considered as an extra.

The theme of Hamradio 2012 was digital communications. The display in the foyer provides all the information you could ever want (in German) but were too embarrassed to ask. SDR, packet, modern TCP/IP systems, D-Star etc were covered with a chance to ask questions and hands-on demos. Over the three days the lecture streams in Hall A2 covered a wide range of radio-related subjects as well as the main theme.

As for Friday and Saturday, Andy and I arrived at about 9.50am. Dick G4DDP had started his long drive home after breakfast to the UK and wasn’t looking forward to meeting the storms predicted to be settling over the Benelux countries. Andy was travelling on to Memmingen airport at lunchtime by rail.

The "2E0" (50W) dummy load is on the left.

For me Sunday morning was a quick look at Halls A3 and A4, the fleamarket and the main Hall A1. In the fleamarket I managed to buy a 50W dummy load for €10. Rated 100W when air cooled. A lot of the stalls had gone home but there was still plenty to see.

After lunch, the flea market was thinning out and also the traders in the main hall, A1, were beginning to pack up. However it was an opportunity to have a look at comparative pricing Euro v UK Pound. At the time of writing €1.24 = £1 or €1 = 80p (this was handy as a 20% adjustment easily done without a calculator). In general, the consensus of opinion was that UK prices were higher.

Italian supplier




A typical example of some of the ex-military hardware on offer


Stress test for tables.


lots of choice.


There was no shortage of test equipment

That’s all for this update (24th June).  More photos and information at my talk on July 13th at the club.

Click here for Dick G4DDP’s report.


Email: g8dzh@lefars.org.uk

Update 28th June 2012.
Attendance figures from Tevor M5AKA below. There were 213 traders (184 last year). See also  Southgate News Amateur Radio News website here .

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  1. Blog_admin says:

    [LEFARS] Friedrichshafen Attendance

    14,800 attended this years event.
    In 2009 there were 17,400 visitors, falling to 16,800 in 2010 and 16,300 in 2011.

    73 Trevor M5AKA

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