Special News From RSGB

FYI… received today by Marc G0TOC from the RSGB

Please find attached an advance copy of the RSGB Matters section from the November RadCom. This is being circulated at the earliest possible opportunity because of the significance of the material.

The normal RSGB monthly newsletter will be sent out next week, and RadCom is on schedule to be delivered by about Monday 24 October.

Dave Wilson, M0OBW
RSGB President

Copy of RSGB Matters Nov 2011 (PDF file)  here

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  1. Blog_admin says:

    From Dick SV0XBN/9….

    Hi Guys . . .

    Thanks to Marc for forwarding the latest RSGB news and voting info.

    I am a simple soul and so ask simple questions. My simple question is this: Can we really believe anything that the RSGB now tell us?

    The reason for asking is that, on Page 6 of the forthcoming RadCom, Mr Wilson, M0OBW, RSGB President says, “..our Membership is in a slow decline..”. As he is head honcho, he should know.

    How come then, this ‘Advisory Group’, who must have access to the same info as the President, so they can advise him, say on Page 15, ”RSGB Membership is slowly increasing..”

    So who is telling us the truth?

    Also, on page 7, Mr Wilson tells us about what the ‘Advisory Group’ came up with but only a précis of same. He says “The output from the ‘Advisory Group’ comprises many tens of pages, more than can be sensibly included in an edition of RadCom. But Members will want to understand the direction being proposed..”. If there are tens of pages, why not put them on the Web Site for all to read? This way we may get a far better picture of what is being proposed.

    As for the voting, I am not sure which ‘Old Boy’ to vote in, to replace the ‘Old Boy’ that will be voted out. Not much choice from what I can see. It just seems that we will just be voting in the same people who got the organisation into the mess over the past few years.

    Also, as they cannot find a suitable General Manager, what happens now? This does not seem to be covered anywhere . . . (Bet it’s saving a few bob though – unless they are putting G3BJ up in a hotel for weeks on end)

    As usual these are just my thoughts etc etc . . .

    73 from a very warm and sunny Crete

    Dick.. ‘XBN.

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