DMR Talk at LEFARS on Friday 8th of January

Following on from the talk on DMR some comments and links to where information can be found.

As was intimated during the talk DMR in the UK is in a state of flux at the moment, some might even say chaotic ! The availability of the cheap TYT MD-380 and Retevis RT3 clone has caused an upsurge of interest in DMR. This has caused the UK DMARC admins to look at the network and make some significant changes to the network in order to improve network reliability and operation. Due to the explosion of new DMARC repeaters in the South East there has been a re-think on the regional talk groups and a new implementation comes into force from January 31st, this will require all users to modify their codeplugs to match the new regions. All the new information can be found on the website as below.

What also maybe did not come across is that in the UK there are currently four DMR repeater networks in the UK plus a standalone DMARC repeater ! These four networks work in different ways with facilities that are different so you need to be aware if you wish to operate on them.

They are

  1. Phoenix                                The renamed DMARC network
  2. Brandmeister                    The renamed DMRPlus network
  3. South West Cluster         As the name intimates primarily based in SW UK
  4. Salop                                      Two repeaters based in Shropshire

For the Phoenix network and a lot of general DMR information then go to

For Brandmeister network go to

For South West Cluster go to

For Salop go to

Between these websites and the RSGB Repeater website and DMR Users website is a lot of information about all the various aspects of DMR in the UK and abroad.


Richard Clark G4DDP


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