LEFARS 2m FM nets convene on Thursday evenings, at 2000hrs and on Sunday mornings, at 0930hrs on 144.725MHz +/- QRM. Please check in.

LEFARS Club Meetings
Click here for details of the next club meeting at All Saints House:

LEFARS Newsletter
The latest LEFARS Newsletter in PDF format.

Amateur Radio Licence Training Courses and Exams...

Foundation Licence
The 41st LEFARS FL practical assessment course and exam takes place on 1st June 2019.

Intermediate Licence
The 34th LEFARS IL practical assessment day-course and exam will take place during Q2 2019.

Advanced Licence
LEFARS stage AL exams on demand of its members, however all-comers are welcome to attend.

Click here to register or to enquire about any of the above licence training courses or exams.

2019 Special Events...

GB2NWA - North Weald Airfield

▶  6th/7th April: RAFARS Airfields on the Air.

▶  15th/16th June: International Museums Weekend.

GB2RGM - Royal Gunpowder Mills

▶  4th-6th May: Booming Bank Holiday.

GBØIS - Theydon Bois Donkey Derby

▶  14th July.

GBØTBW - Trinity Buoy Wharf

▶  17th/18th August: International Lighthouse Lightship Weekend.

2019 Field Events...

Rainbow & Dove Public House on Facebook

▶  25th-26th May: Spring Bank Holiday Field Weekend at the Rainbow & Dove Public House, Hastingwood.

A table for upto 15 diners has been booked for 1830hrs on the Saturday evening. Please e-mail David MØVID if you wish to attend...

Kelvedon Hatch Secret Nuclear Bunker

▶  24th-26th August: Summer Bank Holiday Field Weekend with the SNBCG at the Kelvedon Hatch Secret Nuclear Bunker.

Please e-mail John GØVEH if you wish to attend the Saturday evening barbecue...

2019 AGM...

12th April - The Chairman and Treasurer presented their respective reports and the audited 2018 accounts and AGM minutes were duly adopted by the attendees. As Derek Copsey MØXDC had not re-stood for elextion, the 2017/2018 committee, plus Andy Markham G8RZA, were elected by a unanimous show of hands.

2019/20 Officers & Committee
Chairman - Dick Clark, G4DDP
Secretary - David Priest, MØVID
Treasurer - John Short, G1DJI
Committee Member - Andrew Markham, G8RZA
Committee Member - Dave De La Haye, MØMBD
Committee Member - Brian Porter, 2EØFHU
Committee Member - John Ray, G8DZH
Committee Member - Ron White, G6LTT