How can LEFARS help you obtain an Amateur Radio licence?

Foundation Licence...
A LEFARS Foundation Licence practical assessment day-course and exam will take place duting Q2 2019.

Intermediate Licence...
LEFARS do not run formal Intermediate Licence training courses.  We do, however, offer Intermediate Licence practical assessment day-courses and examination facilities for Foundation Licence holders.

As with the FL, an IL practical assessment day-course and exam will take place duting Q2 2019 .

Advanced (Full) Licence...
As with the Intermediate Licence, LEFARS do not run Advanced Licence courses.  However, with four RSGB Accredited Examination Centres, we can offer examination facilities, on-demand, at all current licensing levels.

Who to Contact...
If you would like to enrol on the next LEFARS Foundation Licence course, for the next session of Intermediate Licence practical assessments, or Advanced Licence exam or if you would simply like more information on any of the above topics, please contact the LEFARS Exam Secretary, Marc Litchman on 07484 804135 or at

Recent LEFARS Foundation Licence ExamineesRecent LEFARS Foundation Licence Examinees
Recent LEFARS Foundation Licence Examinees

Essential Reading...
Click on the below links to take you to the RSGB website for training booklets with corrections, updates and additional information:
    ♦  Foundation Licence Now!
    ♦  Intermediate Licence: Building on the Foundation
    ♦  Advance! The Full Licence Manual

We also highly recommended:
    ♦  Amateur Radio Exam Secrets

Links to the Radio Communications Foundation syllabuses:
    ♦  Foundation Licence
    ♦  Intermediate Licence
    ♦  Advanced Licence

Exam Registration Fees...
2018 RSGB Exam Registration Fees:
     Foundation Licence - 27.50
     Intermediate Licence - 32.50
     Advanced Licence - 37.50

From Zero to M-Zero in Under Six Months...
LEFARS began Foundation Licence training in late 2002, with a course for two candidates Along with Brian M3FHU and Janet M3FHS the photo to the left shows Mike M3HSX and Alex M3HSK holding their Intermediate Licence exam pass slips.  What is not apparent from this photograph is that both Mike and Alex fast-tracked their way to a Full UK licence in just under six months.

Their story began on 18th September 2004, when they came along to one of our weekend Foundation Licence training courses in Epping.  Here they also completed the requisite FL Assessments and five days later, on 24th September, they both sat and successfully passed the FL exam.

Moving ahead to 9th January 2005, Mike and Alex came back to our facility in Epping to participate in a day training session to complete the Intermediate Licence assessments.  With the IL assessments now under their belts, they undertook a regime of self-study, culminating with passes in the IL exam on 21st February.

Opting at this point to not apply for an Intermediate Licence, they continued to self-study, but now focusing on the contents of the Advanced Licence training booklet, with the aim of sitting the AL exam on 16th March.

After notification of passes in the AL exam, Alex applied for and received his MØDWA callsign and Mike, MØHSX.

Mike has since departed the UK for the US and is currently active from his home in New Jersey as KC2QPO.